Dam Safety

Data for Dam Safety Delivered From Anywhere

EWS' devices provide dam safety monitoring using their world first multi-comm wireless triaxial tilt meter and vibrating wire telemetry transmitter. Our innovative and compact devices can be installed on any dam or pit wall to monitor and alert any potential breaches in the quality of the infrastructure.

EWS' multi-communication telemetry devices allow engineers to remotely identify dam structural integrity, pinpoint hazards and manage risk based on accurate and timely data to their desktop.

Quick and easy to deploy, EWS' device range including our Telemetry Tilt Meter and Vibrating Wire Telemetry devices do not rely on line of site radio or costly and impractical running of cable. 

Contact us to find out more about our custom designed dam safety systems. 

EWS Australia are an Environmental Automation company made up of Industry specialists: hydrologists, meteorologists and engineers. We are ready to discuss your requirements.

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