EWS Switch

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We are able to provide a unique communication option, easily interchangeable between cellular and satellite.

This future proofs your assets from changing communication networks.

EWS Switch is the first smart multi communications transmitter in one compact unit, making remote monitoring easy. Switch between Satellite and Cellular easily and quickly and connect to any environmental monitoring sensor for transmission to the EWS web portal.

EWS Switch provides high quality data and performance at an affordable price. The effective, secure and continuous two-way data access across multiple communication networks allows for remote changes to the monitoring point without leaving the office.

Units come pre-programmed or use our App SwitchComm via Bluetooth for easy in field set up. With no laptop required for deployment, just swipe our mobile app to connect and securely transmit data instantly.

    Quick Setup

    Simply activate Bluetooth by pressing the button and connect via our free mobile Android and Apple mobile app for all your device configuration requirements.

    Easy Remote Configuration

    EWS Switch can easily change settings, log time, transmission rate, alarms with OTA firmware updates onsite over the Iridium Satellite Network or via Cellular from the comfort of your office.

    Battery Options

    The EWS Switch has optional rechargeable internal pack OR long-life non-rechargeable internal battery providing flexibility for various monitoring scenarios including long-life deployments on solar or external battery pack or mid-length deployments powered by non-rechargeable lithium D-Cell. 


    Real-time Environmental Monitoring via the Iridium Satellite Network

    EWS Switch

    EWS Switch is the first smart multi communications transmitter in one compact unit. Switch between Satellite and Cellular easily and quickly.

    It can connect to any branded environmental sensor across a range of applications - eg any flow meter, pressure sensor, vibrating wire, water quality, pump sampler, flood warning equipment, radars, weather stations, tipping bucket rain gauges and more.

    Unlike it’s competitors, EWS Switch comes with a relay that can turn on pumps, lights and gensets - either via an alarm based schedule or manually. EWS Switch makes connecting to telemetry simple, ensuring your remote monitoring requirements are met and delivers the connectivity needed to ensure smooth long term data collection.


    • Surface Water Level, Flow & Quality
    • Groundwater Level & Quality
    • Mining/Geotechnical
    • Weather Conditions Warning
    • Oceanic Conditions Warning
    • Oil & Gas Production
    • Agricultural Sensor Monitoring
    • Any Low-Power, Remote Data Acquisition System


    • Interchangeable comms options; send data via Iridium and LTE Cellular
    • Low power draw with internal battery back up
    • Internal rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery
    • 12-24V external power or direct
    • Solar panel input
    • Internal solar regulator

    • Up to IP68 rated

    • M12 flying leads for waterproof input connections

    • Optional terminal block for multiple applications
    • Send data to your email/server to be decoded
    • Relay out for switching control from anywhere, either by sensor alarm/scheduled or remotely (manual) by user
    • Max/min/average logging
    • Alarm measurement detection on any input
    • LEDs for external verification/diagnostics
    • Bluetooth and USB connections for programming
    • Small compact form factor (L 115mm x W 54mm x D 43mm)
    • UV rated casing can be mounted directly with no secondary enclosure
    • Lightweight (200g)
    • Out of cycle alarm transmissions
    • Australian made
    • NFC connectivity


    Download the EWS Switch Datalogger specification sheet.

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