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EWS Switch

The EWS Switch is a powerful yet compact multi-communications enabled IoT device designed specifically for remote environmental monitoring. Connect to any standard environmental sensor and transmit data from anywhere via Satellite or Cellular network communications.

EWS Well-Cap

The EWS Well-Cap device is designed to simplify groundwater bore monitoring, making it easy to automate the measurement of groundwater levels and quality parameters and transmit data from anywhere over Satellite or 4GLTE. 

EWS Solar-Mount

The EWS Solar-Mount Telemetry Logger leverages the power and reliability of our Switch Device family to deliver a cost-effective, compact, and self-contained package to monitor a wide range of environmental applications. This device is ideal for surface water level, flow and weather monitoring applications. 

EWS Vibrating Wire Telemetry
EWS Seitch

The EWS-VWT presents a versatile multi-channel option, multi-communication enabled IoT device designed specifically for remote Geotechnical monitoring applications. Ideal for remote Tailings Storage Facilities, slope stability and dam safety monitoring. 

EWS Telemetry Tiltmeter

The EWS-TMT is the world's first satellite-comms enabled tiltmeter. It integrates the power of EWS wireless IoT monitoring technology with a highly accurate in-built Triaxial tilt sensor for remote monitoring of a range of geotechnical and structural applications.

EWS Automatic
Weather Station

The EWS AWS leverages the versatile Solar-Mount device and combines it with our ultra-low power ultrasonic weather sensor to provide a cost effective and easy to deploy solution for remote weather monitoring.  Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, and Solar Radiation.

EWS Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
EWS's Tipping Bucket Rain Sensor was originally designed for the National Weather Service to provide a reliable, full stainless-steel tipping bucket rain sensor.
EWS Vented Level Sensor
The EWS Vented Water Level Sensor is ideal for monitoring water level and temperature in groundwater, surface water, and oceanographic applications.
EWS Doppler Flow Meter
The EWS Doppler Flow Meter presents a cost-effective, compact, and easy to deploy acoustic doppler velocity meter (ADVM) for measuring water flow rates, velocity and level in small-medium sized open channels, culverts and pipes.
EWS EC Sensor
The EWS EC Sensor presents a cost-effective and reliable electrical conductivity and salinity sensor for water quality monitoring applications.
EWS PH Sensor
The EWS pH Sensor presents a cost-effective and reliable sensor for continuous water quality monitoring applications.
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