Our Capabilities

Ground Water Monitoring

Australian Designed and Manufactured for Global Standard in Groundwater Monitoring

EWS is the industry leader in Groundwater Monitoring equipment and telemetry. Our unique Australian made solutions simplify groundwater monitoring for a range of industries including Mining, Government Agency, Energy, Rail, Construction and Agriculture. 

Surface Water Monitoring
Australian Design and Manufacturing for Global Standards in Water Monitoring
EWS Australia is an industry leader in Surface and Full Flood Water Monitoring equipment and telemetry.

Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) Monitoring

 Remote Monitoring for Minesite Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

The EWS multi-communication enabled device range provides access to critical remote data related to Tailings Storage Facilities regardless of cellular network coverage.  Soil sore pressure, water levels and water quality data is reliably transmitted assisting mines comply with GISTM standards. 

Dam Safety Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring Technology for Dam Saftey Monitoring

EWS Australia provide dam safety monitoring using their world first multi-comm wireless triaxial tilt meter and vibrating wire telemetry transmitter. Our innovative and compact devices can be installed on any dam or pit wall to monitor and alert any potential breaches in the quality of the infrastructure.

Flood Warning
Critical Infrastructure Flood Warning Systems

EWS's devices are designed to provide comprehensive real-time flood warning systems for mining and other industries. Utilising cellular or satellite communication networks, our Australian made devices ensure that critical data gets to stakeholders in the fastest time possible, protecting critical infrastructure and staff from the dangers of flood events.

Geotechnical Monitoring

Satellite Telemetry Monitoring Solutions For The Geotechnical Industry

EWS has a full range of telemetry monitoring solutions for  geotechnical applications including single channel, 4 channel and 8 channel vibrating wire dataloggers that can transmit data from anywhere utilising cellular or satellite communications.  

Rail Monitoring

Our devices provide reliable remote rail condition monitoring from anywhere. 

Our world first satellite communication enabled Telemetry Tilt Meter offers the ideal solution for remote track condition monitoring from anywhere and our Switch device range provides options for monitoring track flooding and slope stability parameters.

Construction Monitoring
Tilt Monitoring, Crack Monitoring And Strain Gauge Monitoring.

EWS's telemetered IoT dataloggers and wireless triaxial tiltmeters perfectly compliment the surveying industry with the application of remote tilt monitoring, strain monitoring and other key structural parameters on construction projects.