Our Capabilities

Ground Water Monitoring
Australian Design and Manufacturing for Global Standards in Water Monitoring
EWS Australia is an industry leader in Groundwater Monitoring equipment and telemetry. We design, manufacture and install remote monitoring instrumentation solutions for Mining and other industries across Australia and abroad.

RDA Monitoring
Environmental Remote Monitoring for Minesite Residual Disposal Areas
When it comes to remote monitoring of critical infrastructure, EWS Australia can provide a range of products and services to ensure that Minesite RDA (Residual Disposal Area) monitoring is accurate, accessible, and compliant.

Dam Safety
A Single Platform For Safety & Automation

EWS Australia provide dam safety monitoring using their world first multi comm VWT transmitter. VWT units can be installed on any dam or pit wall to monitor and alert any potential breaches in the quality of the infrastructure.

Surface Water Monitoring
Australian Design and Manufacturing for Global Standards in Water Monitoring
EWS Australia is an industry leader in Surface and Full Flood Water Monitoring equipment and telemetry.

Flood Warning
Critical Infrastructure Flood Warning Systems
EWS Australia design, build and deploy Custom Flood Control Warning Networks through our multiple remote monitoring products available with real time cameras and global access via the Iridium Satellite Network or Cellular Data.

Geotechnical Monitoring
Full Range Of Telemetry Monitoring Solutions For The Geotechnical Industry
EWS Australia has a full range of telemetry monitoring solutions for the Geotechnical industry. Including turnkey solutions for groundwater monitoring, lateral movement monitoring and settlement monitoring.

Civil Infrastructure Project Monitoring
A Full End To End Service For Monitoring Civil Infrastructure Projects.
EWS Australia’s leading monitoring equipment and software is ideal for Civil infrastructure projects large and small. Our multi-comms telemetry devices provide reliable data through our Orion data software platform where you can monitor all aspects of your project, from inclinometer excavation monitoring, tunnel convergence, water table monitoring and ground settlement to heritage building monitoring in the zone of influence.

Construction Monitoring
Tilt Monitoring, Crack Monitoring And Strain Gauge Monitoring.
EWS Australia’s telemetered solutions perfectly compliment the surveying industry with the application of remote tilt meter monitoring on structures as well as seamless integration of survey data into Orion IO.
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