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EWS was founded in 2014 from grassroots in Western Australia where harsh environments and isolated sites meant important data capture was restricted to lengthy operator field visits and complicated setups of unsuitable technology that occupied the market at the time. EWS' founding vision was clear and the journey into product development began. 

Throughout the design and manufacturing process the key philosophy has always been to maintain an “Industry to Tech” approach, meaning that all our products are rooted in solving real world issues confronted by relevant industry professionals as opposed to technology manufacturers dictating to industry.

Our highly experienced team of hydrographers, water resource engineers, meteorologists, geotechnical and environmental engineers form the concepts and ideas which are then conveyed to our expert designers, electronic, firmware and software engineers to make the product range a reality. 

Our world leading remote monitoring IoT products are now the preferred option for the world's largest mining companies, government agencies and engineering firms. 

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