Orion Data 

View your Remote Data from the comfort of your office

Orion Data is a powerful and comprehensive data management software where encoded data from EWS IoT devices deployed in the field is received, decoded and displayed on an intuitive cloud platform. 

The Microsoft Azure base ensures the highest level of data security while the export function allows data to be easily directed to 3rd party databases and SCADA platforms giving customers 100% ownership and control of their data.

- Manage and View Data

- Send Config Changes Remotely to EWS Devices

- Custom Dashboards

- Calibrate Sensors and Apply Calculated Inputs

- Set Alarms and Alerts

- Export Data into 3rd Party Database via FTP, SFTP, API


Global Communication

Mobile or Satellite communications from the field straight to your computer/laptop for real time monitoring

Secure Storage

Highly secure Microsoft Azure platform based

User Experience

Simple layout for ease of operation. Change logging and Transmission times from your office

Real-time Environmental Monitoring via the Iridium Satellite Network

Orion Cloud Data Software

View your remote data from the comfort of your office.

EWS Australia’s data loggers transmit critical information instantly through our global network access to our custom designed data portal. The easy to use software stores and displays your data for viewing in multiple formats. Build custom graphs, reports, auto export data in any format, custom alarms via sms or email. Easy to use, robust and secure, the portal can be used for all of your remote monitoring requirements


  • Locally manufactured in Australia

  • Locally supported

  • Plug and play setup onsite

  • Ideal for short or long-term, unattended deployments

  • Perfect for new and retrofit instrumentation projects


  • Mobile or Satellite communications from the field straight to your computer/laptop for real time monitoring
  • Infrastructure is stored in Rackspace Sydney Data Center with SQL server back ups
  • Simple layout for ease of operation
  • Custom Graphs
  • Alarms can be setup based on high/low or thresholds
  • Custom web design available
  • FTP/SFTP/Email data to any client database at any interval
  • Works on tablet or mobile
  • All sites on one easy to view page
  • Change logging and Transmission times from your office
  • Limit interaction with SME
  • Removes staff from the field mitigating risk
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Email data and graphs with one click
  • Alarms at no extra cost to alert when sites are on/off

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