WaterNSW Groundwater Monitoring Bore IoT Upgrade

The WaterNSW Groundwater Monitoring IoT upgrade is the largest government agency groundwater digitisation project ever carried out in Australia. EWS were awarded the contract and will supply ~5,000 devices to upgrade the states groundwater monitoring network.

Tailings Storage Facility VWP Telemetry Upgrade

Four large TSF's in Australia's Northern Territory and Northern Queensland area retrofitted 1000's of vibrating wire piezometer sensors with EWS' Iridium VWT devices to replace the unreliable radio datalogger networks previously installed. The upgrade provided the TSF's with the easy to install devices which transmit individually over the Iridium Satellite network, removing the risk of single point failure. The increased reliability and visibility of critical geotechnical data relating to the TSF assists the mine in meeting its GISTM obligations.

Iron Ore Mine surface water monitoring and flood warning, Pilbara region, Western Australia

The Pilbara region of western Australia is home to the world's largest iron ore mines. Hydrology data is important for both water resource management and flood warning systems for operational safety. A network of EWS Iridium Satellite enabled devices were deployed to provide a comprehensive and reliable monitoring system in some of the most remote areas only accessible by helicopter.

Great Western Highway Upgrade Geotechnical Investigation, NSW

Australia’s longest road tunnel at 11kms long, this project is located near the Blue Mountains Region of NSW. When completed, the $2.5Billion project will form the main road corridor between Central Western NSW and the Sydney Region. EWS satellite telemetry dataloggers are providing critical remote data for the geotechnical investigation. 

Surface Water Monitoring and Flood Warning System, Mt Isa, Queensland

A copper/gold mining operation near Mt Isa in Queensland, Australia required a reliable remote monitoring system to provide near real-time meteorological data surface water data and flood warning alerts from areas far from any cellular coverage. 

Open channel flow Monitoring network, Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia

EWS provided a comprehensive hydrological monitoring network in remote streams for a mining customer in the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. Our multi-communication enabled telemetry devices were paired with our Doppler Flow Meters to provide accurate, long-term,  near real-time flow data. 

Mekong River Tributary Monitoring, Laos, South East Asia

EWS' Iridium Satellite communication enabled devices were installed to monitor a range of hydrometric and meteorologic parameters in a remote tributary arm of the Mekong River to provide critical data for an adjacent mining operation. 

Major Iron Ore Arterial Rail Slope Stability Monitoring, Minas Gerais Brazil

EWS' Iridium Satellite Telemetry Tilt Meters were deployed to monitor slope stability on sections of remote rail infrastructure. The telemetry tilt meter devices are providing slope stability data from areas far outside of cellular coverage. 

Mine Groundwater Monitoring Network, Northern Territory

Historically remote monitoring networks have been extremely labour intensive to maintain. Battery changes, physical data downloads and the extensive travel & fieldwork that goes along with the multitude of sites needed for good quality, accurate groundwater level monitoring. The EWS Well-Cap was installed across this entire NT mines groundwater bore network to transmit high resolution data remotely despite no cellular network coverage.

Argyle Diamond Mine Surface Water Monitoring, Western Australia
Mine site operation and closure is contingent on a large amount of environmental monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance and minimise the overall human impact on surrounding areas/ecosystems. In this particular example, Remote Surface Water Monitoring was contracted to EWS Australia for the extent of closure operations (5 years) and long-term (10 years) into the overall maintenance phase following the mines successful closure.

Sydney Gateway Project Geotechnical monitoring, Sydney, NSW
The Sydney Gateway starts at the St Peters Interchange, the junction of the M8 Motorway and M4–M5 Link, all of which are being built as part of WestConnex. Viaducts are being built over Canal Road, the Port Botany freight rail line and Tempe Lands. Further southwest, the Sydney Gateway splits into two, leading to Airport Drive and Qantas Drive towards the west and east respectively

77 Market Street, Concrete Strain and Facade tilt monitoring Sydney CBD, NSW
77 Market Street is $295 Million project being run by Scentre Group Engineering, with Total Survey Solutions undertaking the survey monitoring component. When complete, it will comprise of a 32-storey mixed use tower in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Pilbara, WA - Flood Warning Systems

Rivers and weather events in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA) are nothing if not extreme. Battling with streamflow networks that can take out entire roads & rail coupled with daily rainfall events which can range from 20mm-+100mm in the wet season, reliable early warning systems are critical for mine site operation and safety.

Construction site Groundwater Quality Monitoring

EWS Well-Cap devices were installed on monitoring bores on an inner-city construction project.  Each Well-Cap device was connected to various water quality sensors, enabling the remote monitoring of groundwater quality parameters such as pH, EC, ORP, and turbidity. This was important to the projects where the risk of contamination was high. With near real-time data, project managers, environmental consultants and environmental auditors can make more informed decisions and ensure that compliance parameters are met.