EWS - TMT Telemetry Tiltmeter

EWS – TMT Telemetry Tiltmeter

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter integrates the power of EWS wireless IoT monitoring technology with a highly accurate in-built Triaxial tilt sensor for remote monitoring of a range of geotechnical and structural applications.

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter devices are unique in that they do not rely on radio transmission to a centralised gateway. Each EWS device transmits independently over cellular or satellite communications eliminating the risk of single-point failure of the entire monitoring system should the gateway lose power. Each device is capable of transmitting using cellular or Iridium satellite communications.

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter data is intuitively presented on Orion iO cloud-based software where cumulative movement can be visualised, alarms set based on threshold values and paginated reports automatically sent to the key decision makers with the latest data.

    World’s first and only satellite enabled Triaxial Tilt meter.

    The EWS TMT is the worlds first and only Sat-comms enabled Triaxial tilt meter. 4G LTE option also available

    Plug and play deployment

    Mount, activate then receive remote tilt data in Orion.

    Discreet and robust

    Small form factor and no external antenna ideal for discreet deployment for structural monitoring.


    • Geotechnical monitoring
    • Embankments and cuttings
    • Slope stability monitoring
    • Structural monitoring
    • Rail track monitoring
    • Pipeline monitoring
    • Bridges
    • Buildings


    • Multi-communication options including 4G and Iridium Satellite Comms
    • Compact and discreet form factor
    • Bluetooth connect and configure
    • Completely wireless
    • Out of Cycle event logging and transmission
    • Event alarms
    • Low Power draw
    • Long battery life 5 years
    • Easily replaceable batteries
    • Data decoded and displayed in Orion
    • SMS and Email alerts and alarms


    Download the EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter specification sheet.

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