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Sydney Gateway Project

Project Background

The Sydney Gateway starts at the St Peters Interchange, the junction of the M8 Motorway and M4–M5 Link, all of which are being built as part of WestConnex. Viaducts are being built over Canal Road, the Port Botany freight rail line and Tempe Lands. Further southwest, the Sydney Gateway splits into two, leading to Airport Drive and Qantas Drive towards the west and east respectively

A one-way elevated viaduct is also being built linking Qantas Drive towards the Sir Reginald Ansett Drive and the domestic terminals precinct, bypassing two signalised intersections with Seventh Street and O'Riordan Street. 

Monitoring of soil pore pressure is required to track any changes on the surrounding water table due large cut & fill sections and abutments along the alignment. 

Long term reliability and consistent data.


    EWS’ 4 channel VWT remote telemetry dataloggers were installed to monitor provide the pore pressure readings in near real-time via Orion iO which provides timely data for critical design information to the Geotechnical engineers.

    Orion iO is also being used for backend calibrations of VWP frequency into a Kpa engineering unit. 

    Outcomes & Benefits

    The devices are plug and play meaning the client was able to simply mount the device, wire the VWP in, walk away, and have data visible instantly on their desktop through Orion iO. All devices are housed in rugged poly-carb enclosures with external solar power, designed for construction site environments offering long-term reliability with minimal maintenance required. 

    Geotechnical engineers can now view pore pressure changes during construction without having to attend dangerous and inaccessible areas of the site, streamlining their design decision making process.

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