Mine Surface Water Flow Monitoring

Wheatbelt Region, Western Australia

Project Background

EWS were engaged to provide surface water flow monitoring of a mine near the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. The mine was aware of the limited water resources in the region, and they wanted to ensure that they were using the water resources sustainably and efficiently. The large mine area meant that cellular coverage was not available and remoteness of sites made large infrastructure and bulky equipment impractical to install.

The EWS Doppler Flow Meter and EWS Iridium Solar-Mount presented the ideal solution to provide mine operators with critical remote flow data which the mine will use to manage water resources sustainably and efficiently, while minimising their impact on the environment and reducing costs. 


    The EWS Doppler flow meter was the ideal solution for the surface water flow monitoring on the mines various channels. The compact sensor is quick and easy to install with minimal infrastructure required and minimal impact on the environment. 

    It pairs perfectly with our EWS Solar-Mount device which is a compact telemetry datalogger with integrated 2W solar panel for long-term monitoring deployments. It reliably logs and transmits remote flow data utilising the Iridium Satellite network, guaranteeing connectivity. 


    Outcomes & Benefits


    The combination of compact EWS Doppler Flow Meter and solar-mount device with its satellite communication capabilities made the EWS products an essential tool for surface water flow monitoring in the mine. They enabled the mining company to collect highly accurate, real-time data on water flows, even in the most remote areas. This data was used to inform their water management strategies and to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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