EWS TMT Telemetry Tilt Meter

EWS - TMT Telemetry Tilt Meter

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter integrates the power of EWS wireless IoT monitoring technology with a highly accurate in-built Triaxial tilt sensor for remote monitoring of a range of geotechnical and structural applications.

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter devices are unique in that they do not rely on radio transmission to a centralised gateway. Each EWS device transmits independently over cellular or satellite communications eliminating the risk of single-point failure of the entire monitoring system should the gateway lose power. Each device is capable of transmitting using cellular or Iridium satellite communications.

The EWS Telemetry Tilt Meter data is intuitively presented on Orion iO cloud-based software where cumulative movement can be visualised, alarms set based on threshold values and paginated reports automatically sent to the key decision makers with the latest data.

World's first and only satellite enabled triaxial tiltmeter

The EWS TMT is the worlds first and only Sat-comms enabled Triaxial tilt meter. 4G LTE option also available

Plug and play deployment

Simply mount, activate then receive remote tilt data from anywhere

Discreet and Robust

Small form-factor with no external antenna ideal for discreet deployment 

Real-time Geotechnical Monitoring via the Iridium Satellite Network

EWS - TMT Telemetry Tilt Meter

The EWS TMT is the ideal solution for a range of remote structural and geotechnical monitoring applications. From dam safety monitoirng, rail track geometry, ore pipeline and conveyor integrity and slope stability the EWS TMT

Whether it's dam safety monitoring, rail track geometry, mining ore pipeline and conveyor integrity or slope stability monitoring, the EWS TMT gives stakeholders access to accurate tilt data from anywhere with the unique ability to transmit over either celluler or satellite communication. 

Smart event alarm functionality allows the device to be programmed to increase log rates and transmit data out of the pre-set schedule based on a threshold level. 


  • Cost-effective and reliable 

  • Ideal for a range of remote slope stability, slip detection, rail and structural monitoring applications.

  • Each device independently logs and transmits data

  • No gateway or further communication infrastructure required

  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

  • Very straightforward and scalable for fast deployments and large monitoring campaigns


  • World's first satellite communication enabled wireless tilt meter

  • Highly accurate triaxial MEMS tilt sensor

  • Ultra-Low power draw with off the shelf long-life lithium batteries

  • Remotely change settings via two way communications

  • Rugged and robust designed for harsh environments

  • Out-Of-Cycle "event" transmission

  • Discreet and easy to mount anywhere


Download the EWS Vented Level Sensor specification sheet.

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