WaterNSW Groundwater IoT Upgrade

New South Wales, Australia

Project Background

WaterNSW is the largest and most well-recognised government water resource agency in Australia and recognised as a leader globally due to the state of NSW various water challenges from major droughts to major flooding. It was the first agency nationally to put forward the initiative to digitise its entire groundwater monitoring network using IoT which will help provide better understanding, assisting the sustainable management of the states valuable groundwater resource.

In 2022 EWS and the EWS Well-Cap device was selected above 80 other IoT manufacturers from around the world as the sole IoT provider to WaterNSW and awarded the supply contract to upgrade the ~5,000  existing groundwater monitoring bores across the state.

This upgrade program represents a significant investment in the long-term sustainability of groundwater resources in NSW and a positive step towards ensuring that the state can continue to meet the water needs of its communities and industries, while also protecting the environment for future generations.

The roll-out began in March of 2023 and is well underway.  



    The EWS Switch Device paired with the unique Well-Cap solution was selected over and above a host of global IoT products to upgrade the states entire groundwater monitoring bore network.

    The powerful yet compact EWS Switch device with its multi-communication capability allows for guaranteed data transmission from anywhere no matter how remote the bore, while the robust glass- filled nylon material Well-Cap housing provides WNSW field team with versatile and easy to install solution which is scalable across the large monitoring bore network. 

    The 100% Australian manufactured solution can be supplied quickly in large quantities and is supported by EWS’ team of experts who are providing WaterNSW with training and technical support.

    Outcomes & Benefits

    The roll-out began in March 2022 where the supply of our Australian made groundwater monitoring technology is being supported from our Sydney operational office in Brookvale. 

    The ease of installation of the EWS Well-Cap device allows the WaterNSW field team to rapidly deploy devices across their extensive groundwater bore network while the reliability of our remote monitoring technology provides confidence that critical data will be transmitted from anywhere. 

    The reliable high resolution groundwater data delivered by our devices ensures WaterNSW can continue to meet the water needs of communities and industries while protecting the resource for future generations. 




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