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EWS Partners With Rand LLP in Central Asia


EWS are pleased to announce the official partnership with Rand LLP Kazakhstan.

Rand LLP Kazakhstan bring years of experience in mining Hydrogeology, and a deep understanding of the requirements of the region. Their expertise in the local market and our cutting-edge technology will help mining companies in the region achieve their goals and improve their operations.


Our satellite-enabled environmental IoT products are designed to provide real-time monitoring of environmental, hydrological, meteorological, and geotechnical parameters in very remote and challenging environments, making them ideal for the growing mining sector in Central Asia.

At EWS, we understand the importance of responsible mining practices and the need to minimize the environmental impact of mining operations. Our satellite communication environmental IoT products provide mining companies with the data they need to make informed decisions and optimise their operations, while also minimizing the risk of environmental damage.

Our telemetry datalogger devices are designed to connect to any sensor type to collect and transmit data on a wide range of parameters, including groundwater levels, soil pore pressure, surface water flow and level, water quality, precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction, soil moisture, and slope stability. The satellite connectivity provides them with real-time monitoring capabilities in even the most remote and challenging environments.

At EWS, we are committed to providing innovative remote monitoring solutions that enable our customers to operate more sustainably and efficiently while minimising their environmental impact. With the expansion of our product range to Central Asia, we are excited to work Rand LLC in delivering our technology to help mining operations achieve their sustainability goals and optimise their operations.



Please contact us with questions or supply enquiries with regard to any of our core products and services.


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