EWS Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

Wind speed and direction in one unit.

The EWS WSDS (Wind Speed & Direction Sensor) adopts integrated design, combining wind speed and direction sensing in one unit.

The entire unit is sealed in the waterproof shell. The rotary wind cups drive the electronic counter for counting, and then the wind speed can be recorded by counting datum within a fixed time period.

The wind direction is measured by the vane rotary which can drive the angular velocity sensor. The sensor can be widely used in environmental & meteorological monitoring, mining, bridges, tunnels, agriculture, and other fields.

Real-time groundwater monitoring via mobile or satellite networks


  • Wind speed: Measuring range 0-110 knts
  • Accuracy: ±2%(0-55knts) ±5%(55-110knts)
  • Resolution: ±0.388769 knts
  • Wind direction: Measuring range 0 - 360°
  • Accuracy: ≤±3°
  • Resolution: 1°
  • Output options:
    Analog 4~20mA
    Digital RS485 Modbus
  • Power: DC 12V or DC 24V
  • Power Consumption: DC12V < 0.24W (485). DC12V <0.54W (4-20mA)
  • Working current: DC12V <20mA (485) DC12V <45ma (4-20mA)
  • Size: 35.5x28(cm)
  • Material: Carbon fibre
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Working Temperature & Humidity: -40~70°C, <100%RH
  • Response time: 1S
  • Cable length Standard: 3m (RS485 Max 100M, 4-20mA Max 200M)
  • Cable Connection
    4-20mA Output
    Red: Power +(DC12V or DV24V)
    Black: Power -(DC12V or DC24V)
    Yellow: 4-20mA Wind speed
    Blue: 4-20mA Wind direction

    RS485 Output
    Red: Power +(DC12V or DV24V)
    Black: Power -(DC12V or DC24V)
    Yellow: 485 A
    Blue: 485 B


Download the EWS Wind Speed and Direction Sensor specification sheet.

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