EWS Telemetered Flow Meter(TFM)

Data logger and transmitter in one

EWS’s Telemetered Flow Meter (TFM) leverages the power and reliability of our extensive cellular and Iridium Switch datalogger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater and surface water flow cost effectively.

Global Communication

Mobile or Satellite communications from the same unit


Capable of measuring sensors over SDI-12, 4-20ma, Modbus and pulse outputs

Low Power Consumption

Lithium battery or 1W solar for long term reliable operation. (5+ years)

Real-time Environmental Monitoring via the Iridium Satellite Network

EWS Telemetered Flow Meter(TFM)

The EWS TFM makes it easy to automate measurement of flow meters.


  • 485, Pulse and 4/20 Inputs

  • Connection with any kind of flow meter

  • Transmit Real Time information to the EWS Data Portal

  • Easy to install


  • Mobile or Satellite communications from the same unit
  • Swipe magnet to activate
  • Tamper-proof packaging, includes datalogger and transceiver built-in to flow meter head unit
  • Remote two-way communcations
  • Stainless steel housing
  • FTP/SFTP data to any client database
  • IP67 housing for battery/electronics/antenna
  • Simple design
  • Data pushed straight to the EWS portal
  • Connect via Bluetooth to setup
  • Easy to read display
  • Alarms can be set at no extra cost to alert when pumps are on/off
  • Internal 12V Lithium Battery (5 year + life span dependent on transmission rate)
  • Flow meter lining - PTFE
  • Flange type (AS2129 Table E)
  • Electrode - SS316L
  • Sizes - DN50 upto DN900


Download the EWS Telemetered FLow Meter (TFM) specification sheet.

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