Structural Monitoring

77 Market Street, Sydney

Project Background

77 Market Street is $295 Million project being run by Scentre Group Engineering, with Total Survey Solutions undertaking the survey monitoring component. When complete, it will comprise of a 32-storey mixed use tower in the heart of the Sydney CBD. 

The tower consists of an existing façade that dates back to its original construction in 1932. This heritage listed façade is being closely monitored throughout the project to ensure it is preserved. As the new structure is built, large reinforced concrete columns and beams are also being closely monitored to ensure design specs are performing as expected.


    EWS’ Cloud data management software, Orion is being used to intuitively present and manage remote data from 120 wireless tiltmeters installed around the heritage listed façade. Calculations from the tiltmeters’ raw data are processed automatically in Orion to give engineers relative displacement in engineering units. All 

    Automated reports with the latest data are set to go out weekly to key decision makers on the project, email alarms are also set to be sent when a tiltmeter exceeds a predetermined threshold. 

    150 Embedment Vibrating Wire Strain gauges are being supplied and installed by EWS to monitor the microstrain on the new reinforced concrete columns. These sensors are connected to our unique 4G SVWT telemetry dataloggers and data is also transmitted seamlessly to Orion.

    Outcomes & Benefits

    Monitoring surveyors are able to easily view façade movements in near real time through Orion which removes the need for their staff to attend site for manual readings. Automatic reports were set at the beginning in the preferred format of the end customer, once scheduled this goes out with the latest weekly data removing the need for time consuming report compiling and allowing for fast design decisions.

    Our robust 4G SVWTs were mounted on the external formwork of the reinforced columns providing near real time data on concrete curing temperatures and microstrain on columns as they are loaded with weight throughout the construction.  

    All data is readily available through Orion where key personnel can track on their desktop. 

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